Advantages of polyurethane shoe soles

  • Anti-static (reducing the possibility of electric shock)
  • Light weight (due to the formation of polyurethane in the reaction process)
  • Sweat absorbent
  • High resistance in various weather conditions
  • Creating an excellent insulation (keeping the feet warm in cold seasons and keeping cold in hot seasons)
  • usable for artisans and mine workers
  • Long-life characteristic
  • High resistance to abrasion, impact, cracking and tearing

Some of the most important applications of sandwich panels

  • Industrial buildings
  • Prefab buildings (Conex and containers)
  • Types of shopping centers
  • Types of cold stores
  • sports place
  • Isolated rooms
  • Mobile hospitals
  • Types of industrial and office partitions
  • Food transport containers and etc.

Application of polyurethane in Auto parts including

  • Car seats
  • The back part of the head and supports
  • Engine housing cover and acoustic parts
  • Auto steering wheel cover
  • Arm, handle and floor mat of the car
  • Air and oil filters of car
  • Car body panels and etc

About Us

SISU Polymer Zarnama Company started its activity in 2019-2020 with the aim of producing types of polyurethanes.
This company is a member of the Iranian Polyurethane Association and the first producer of polyurethane using the housing system method in Qom province, which has been able to facilitate the access to quality materials for manufacturers with the help of the shoe and sandal supply chain.
SISU Polymer Zarnama Company has been involved in the development and achievement of excellence since 2020 in the field of adhesive production and then in 2021 in the production of paints.
Now, this company is on the way to become knowledge-enterprise by producing ultra-light products according to the market needs